Young's A/B Test

Outfit Summary

With a loyal UK wide customer base, Young’s Hirewear was always one of the more frequently used of the Xedo Software sites.

The Problem

By Early 2017,, had been live for around a year and it had been noted that only a small percentage of users completed an order from the Outfit Summary page, with there being a massive 77% bounce rate.

It was felt a simpler design would help decrease bounces and increase instances of users completing an order, or booking a try on.

XEPOS planning session


In collaboration with key stakeholders, I produced a series of sketches, which were then used to create wireframes. After reviewing amongst the team, we chose the stronger elements from each design and agreed on what will be included in the final designs.

AB Test Wireframe Option 1
AB Test Wireframe Option 2
AB Test Wireframe Option 3


A revised version of the page with fewer possible actions (ie ability to edit every element of outfit) was produced and tested. We also weighted the secondary CTA to try-on, with copy explaining the benefits. The primary CTA language was changed from “Add to Order” to “Hire Suit”.

The test ran for 10 days of a possible 14, and in that time we saw clear winners in all of our main goals, with over 200% improvements between the control and variant.

When coupled with other A/B Tests that were ran at the same time, we also saw a marked decrease on the bouce rate.

XEPOS planning session