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Try on journey is ACS Group's USA customer facing rental site. As part of the journey, customers have the option to order a home try-on before they complete their full rental. A similar offer in the UK sees a high conversion from try-on to rental.


In early 2016, a US based agency was tasked with creating a one page solution to the process, however conversion was extremely low and customer feedback was that journey was confusing and not worth the effort.


I was tasked with creating an improved journey that would lead to less confusion in customers and increase try-on orders.

Initial layout

Initially starting on the collections page, the user selects the try-on CTA and is taken into a three step process…


  1. Review their selection with the option to return to the collections if they need to change their jacket.
  2. Select up to two accessory colours.
  3. Add their information, including sizes, contact information, delivery address, try-on dates and create an account or sign in.


Our analysis identified the sizing, data entry and account creation as particular areas that needed attention. Often users were clicking the final CTA without realising they also had to create an account.

Redesigned Layout

A closed checkout was introduced in an attempt to lessen the number of users abandoning the journey and going elsewhere on the site. The page header was also reduced to just the page title and a brief introduction.


The measurement information was also moved to the top of the page to reflect customer expectations and decease the possibility of this being missed by the user. The measurement guide and charts were also given increased prominence and the video removed.

Colour select was reduced to one option by the business so, as part of the redesign, we were able to remove the large colour swatches, colour labels were also added to improve accessibility. On small screens the colour picker was redesigned to better display the colour families and the options within each.

The fields were better organised and the sign up / login was made part of the journey. We also attempted to lessen the number of initial fields by including a Zip code look up which would display the extra fields once an address was selected.

A default try-on date was introduced and we attempted to make this more prominent by making this its own step. Users who wish to set their own date would select 'Change date' which then displays a calendar.

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